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What Does Your French Bulldog Need For This Winter?

It’s a fact that we all love playing in the snow, but when it comes to frenchies in cold weather, we need to provide them with appropriate clothes. Since winter is almost here, it’s desirable to get ready for all those cold and wet months. In our previous article, we wrote about the importance of keeping your frenchie warm in winter months. So, that’s why we want to represent you with all classy and stylish things your frenchie will need to own this season. To further help, we made a list of most popular french bulldog winter essentials. The Hooded Head-Turner Jacket Since it’s highly advisable not to take your french bulldog without any clothes in winter, wearing warm and lightweight...

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Top 7 Safety tips for French Bulldog in cold weather

People often think that dogs are capable of living outside and sustain all weather conditions. Well, the truth is quite different. However, when we talk about how french bulldogs act in cold weather, you need to be very cautiously. Before getting a frenchie, you need to know that they're not outside dogs! In other words, frenchies are prone to dehydration and hypothermia. It means that every dog deserves a warm crate in winter and a cozy shadow in summer. Why French Bulldogs can’t stand extreme weather conditions? French bulldogs are dogs whose bodies lose heat faster than they can produce it.  Unlike mountain dogs, frenchies don’t feel comfortable being outside for a long time in winter. The similar rule applies...

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What do you need to know about French Bulldog colors? 

Widely known for their affectionate nature, bat-looking ears and wrinkly face, Frenchies have taken the world by storm! These perfect companion dogs are considered for the 6th most popular dog breed in the world. Despite being the greatest snorters among dogs, French Bulldogs attracts everyone’s attention.Despite all these lovely facts, French Bulldogs are probably one of the most ’colorful’ breeds in the world. It means they come in a wide color variety; however, not all of them are considered for ’pure’ breed colors. A modern French Bulldog is slightly different from the one that has been first developed in France. Every healthy Frenchie should have a shiny, short and smooth coat while its skin should be soft and loose. When...

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