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How often should I clean my French bulldog?

Let’s be honest! We all know that Frenchies love to roll around and pick up all the dirt and dust on their coats. They act as a sort of piglets… However, when it comes the part of the cleaning job, it doesn’t thrill us at all. As a dog owner, you’ve probably asked yourself how often you actually need to clean your French bulldog. Since they belong to dogs with a sensitive skin that is more prone to allergies, it certainly presents one of the most important parts when owning a dog. What factors affect the frequency of cleaning your Frenchie? First of all, there is no prescribed rule for all dogs because it much depends on their lifestyles. It means...

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How to prevent a French bulldog from farting?

French bulldog breed is a complete winner among all other dog breeds when we talk about releasing evil-smelling gasses. We guess it’s funny to hear and ‘feel’ your Frenchie’s fart but have you ever wondered why they do that so often? It’s certainly not something that will thrill your guests neither you, especially when having dinner. Your batpigs smelly explosions are something that we can’t forget for days.  To put a joke aside, farting in French bulldog breed is annoying not only for you but also for your little gremlin. However, it’s not always for becoming concerned. It’s simply the part of their nature. How to know if a Frenchie suffers from gasses? One of the main symptoms presents the farts, of course....

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Why is a French bulldog so expensive?

It’s a fact that French bulldogs are considered for very popular and rare dogs. Their popularity grows day by day, and the best proof for it is the AKC list of most popular dog breeds. Currently, Frenchies take the high 4th place in the USA and even 1st in New York. If you’ve been searching to buy a Frenchie puppy and then got confused by discovering they’re high in price, here are some of the reasons for such a fact. Why do French bulldogs require special breeding? Besides Frenchies are famous for their distinctive appearance, their special way of breeding and different colors of fur are other reasons why they attract so much attention. Lately, you’ve probably been able to see blue or lilac...

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What is the recommended French bulldog weight?

We all know that French bulldogs belong to greedy eaters that would put everything on sale for a bowl of tasty meal. Due to this characteristic, they are prone to gaining weight. In order to keep your pooch healthy and in good shape, you need to know what is the recommended range of French bulldog weight. What are the normal ranges of French bulldog weight? The ideal weight of a French bulldog, in general, is not to exceed 28 pounds. According to the standard of the AKC, Frenchies over 28 pounds will be disqualified. Female French bulldogs are usually smaller in size. Their weight goes between 18-26 pounds and height between 11-12 inches. Unlike females, Frenchie males are bigger in size. However, it...

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What do you need to know about the French bulldog tail?

We all know that the French bulldog breed has the most iconic appearance of all other breeds in the world. Besides their bat-looking ears, smushed faces and gorgeous round eyes, their tails also deserve special attention. You maybe haven’t heard for the following fact, but Frenchies had much longer tails in history. There is no doubt that those cute little gremlins were selectively bred to become smaller in size. As they were becoming smaller in sizes, their tails became too.   How does a Frenchie’s tail should look like? Although it looks like they don’t have it, they actually have. According to the AKC, the French bulldog breed needs to have a short and corkscrew-shaped tail. However, there are also 2 more possible types...

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