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Cream vs. White vs. Fawn French bulldog- how to distinguish their characteristics?

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There’re many dog breeds on this planet and each one is unique in its own way. When we talk about French bulldogs, we all know they’re small dogs of huge personalities. In a few words- they’re simply stunning and gracious muscle balls. Their long pointy ears smushed faces, and piggy sounding can’t leave anyone irresistible. 

By talking about their appearance, people often don’t make huge differences between certain French bulldog coat colors.  It happens due to the fact that French bulldog is probably the most colorful dog breed that comes in a large variety of colors. Their colors depend on the genes in the family that has been bred. However, before buying a Frenchie, every future dog owner should learn how to make a difference between certain coat colors.  One of the reasons is the knowledge about the dog’s genetics, and another one is the appropriate color registration. Dog coat color also can much tell us about his health history. For example, many studies have shown that French bulldogs that are completely white or black (with no traces of brindle) are more prone to deafness. On the other hand, chocolate and liver frenchies with yellow eyes are often prone to blindness. However, these statements haven’t been totally proven yet. That’s why is very important to better understand all French bulldog coat colors and their breeding history before making a final decision. 

Cute french bulldog image

Who is a cream French bulldog?

Cream French bulldogs are recessive dilutes from the fawn coat. They’re born without any marks and then develop black edges to their ears, solid black shades on their noses and eye rims within 24 hours. An adult Cream Frenchie may develop light cream edges to its ears, and will never get any pied markings or other color patterns. In the following picture, you can see how a true cream French bulldog looks like. It has dark shades on its nose, around mouth, eyes, and paws as well. It somehow has a gold glared coat in the light. As you can notice, cream Frenchies don’t have any pink pigments like their pied and white batpig cousins. 

cream French bulldog

Who is a White French bulldog?

Besides they come in completely white coats, white French bulldogs often come in pied markings. There’s a statement that completely white Frenchies are more prone to suffer from deafness due to their lack of pigment from the face and ears. It happens when a Frenchie has an absence of the pigment in certain parts of the inner ear. However, dogs that have pink (unpigmented) skin are also prone to skin cancer, so you should be especially careful when buying a French bulldog puppy. We recommend you to search for a trusted breed when buying a dog. Besides previously mentioned facts, these health issues equally occur in other French bulldog coat colors. White Frenchies with a highly visible pink pigment on its nose, lips and eye rims need to get special care when exposing to direct sunlight. Pink skin is sensitive and may easily get sunburns. It’s similar to human’s light skin. 

It’s useful to mention that cream colored Frenchies don’t suffer from these kinds of issues. White colored French bulldogs (especially pied ones) have often been linked to the deaf gene that often occurs in blue-eyed Frenchies. There’s also a huge difference between cream and true cream French puppies. While true cream puppies don’t have any marks, cream French bulldogs often have black marks on their noses. That’s why they’re otherwise called pied-cream French bulldogs. In the following video, you can see how a white French bulldog puppy looks like. As you can notice, it has pink pigmented skin around mouth, eyes and on its paw pads. 

The main difference between white and cream French bulldogs

It’s true that it might be very difficult to notice any difference between newborn white and cream puppies at first. However, the best confirmation that you’ve got a cream French bulldog would be a solid cream color at birth, black paw pads, and a solid black nose. There shouldn’t be any pink pigment traces on its paws and nose as well. 

Unfortunately, many dog owners still don’t make any difference, so many pied-white and completely white-coated Frenchies are often registered as cream.

White French bulldog

Who is a fawn French bulldog?

Fawn French bulldog look slightly darker in color than cream Frenchies. Their coat color ranges from crème to a light tan or caramel to a dark reddish color. There’re a few types of fawn French bulldogs. Lighter tan fawn Frenchies often have dark shades on their heads and backs, while true fawn French bulldogs do not have any brindling. Beside these two-color varieties, there are also different shades of fawn Frenchies:

- Red fawn/ sable (light or dark sable)

- Gold fawn (it looks slightly yellowish in the light)

- light fawn (it has a vanilla color glare in the light)

In the following picture, you can see how a red fawn French bulldog looks like.

fawn French bulldog

Are these three colors accepted by different kennel clubs?

The answer is - Yes! These three colors are highly accepted by the AKC (American Kennel Club) and the EKC (English Kennel Club). They can range from light fawn to a red fawn/sable. The combinations of these 3 colors are also accepted. When we talk about their markings and other coat features, brindle, black masks, piebald and black shadings are also acceptable. In other words, if you are the owner of cream, fawn or white French bulldog, then you can be sure you own a pure-bred Frenchie. AKC and EKC breed standards rely on the original French bulldog breed features and do not accept coat colors like black, solid black, blue, liver, and merle.

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