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What do you need to know about French Bulldog colors? 

Widely known for their affectionate nature, bat-looking ears and wrinkly face, Frenchies have taken the world by storm! These perfect companion dogs are considered for the 6th most popular dog breed in the world. Despite being the greatest snorters among dogs, French Bulldogs attracts everyone’s attention.

Despite all these lovely facts, French Bulldogs are probably one of the most ’colorful’ breeds in the world. It means they come in a wide color variety; however, not all of them are considered for ’pure’ breed colors. A modern French Bulldog is slightly different from the one that has been first developed in France. Every healthy Frenchie should have a shiny, short and smooth coat while its skin should be soft and loose. When we talk about French Bulldog coat color, it may have several varieties; however, only a few of them are accepted by French Bulldog Kennel Clubs.

Up to now, you probably saw blue, merle, liver or lilac French Bulldogs breaking down the internet. Unfortunately, many French Bulldog breeders are motivated only to make money, so they ‘produce’ rare colored Frenchies. In most cases, rare colored Frenchies don’t have a long life span and have many health issues. It happens due to irresponsible breeding. However, you also need to know that not all rare-colored Frenchies will have health issues in the future.

According to the AKC (American kennel club), acceptable Frenchies may come in white, pied, fawn (fawn with a black mask, fawn pied, fawn, and white), brindle (brindle, light brindle, dark brindle and brindle, and white) and cream varieties. On the other hand, the following coat colors are listed as disqualifications: mouse-gray, liver, lilac, black and tan, solid black, black and white, blue, and white with black.

When buying a Frenchie, the most important thing is to buy it from a trusted breeder.

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Brindle Frenchie coat

This is one of the most common coat colors in French Bulldogs. Brindle coat has a fawn base with black hairs in bands. It can be expressed with more light or dark bands (from a tiger brindle to seal brindle). French Bulldogs without any marks of brindle are considered for disqualification.

Image of Brindle Frenchie

Fawn and cream French Bulldogs

Fawn Frenchies don’t have any traces of brindle and have a smooth coat. Their fur color may range from light tan (almost white), cream, golden to reddish tan. Cream Frenchies look slightly white comparing to fawn ones. Their coat is produced by a recessive dilute from a fawn coat. It's important to mention that fawn, cream, and white French Bulldogs have black pigments around their nose, ears, lips and paw pads and don't have other color patterns.

Image of Fawn Frenchie

Pied French Bulldogs

Who can resist to those pied bunches of wrinkled cuties? Pied Frenchies have a white base coat and a few large black spots. Black spots are mostly found on their head (around one eye) or back.

Image of Pied Frenchie

Rare French Bulldog coats

We all have been witnesses to the price growing of rare colored Frenchies late years. However, the production of such dogs in some cases conflicts with the rules of an appropriate dog breeding. People need to know that merle, lilac, blue, chocolate, tan and liver French Bulldogs do not always need to have health problems. These unique colors can be produced thanks to their recessive genes. Before you decide to buy such a dog, we always recommend you to search for a reliable dog breeder. It often happens that distinctive coat colors are at higher risk of a condition called color dilution alopecia. It means that your blue or lilac Frenchie will probably suffer from chronic skin inflammations and will be more prone to allergies. Rare French Bulldog colors are also signs of other dog breeds included in your Frenchie’s origins.

Despite all the previously mentioned facts, we don’t want to distract you from the decision of buying a unique Frenchie. The only thing you need to keep in mind when becoming a dog owner is to choose a dog breeder carefully.

Image of grey Frenchie

Buying a dog makes substantial life changes. Love your dog and be always by his side! Enjoy the time you spend together because after all, dogs are genuinely human’s best friends that will never betray you!


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