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How often should I clean my French bulldog?

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Let’s be honest! We all know that Frenchies love to roll around and pick up all the dirt and dust on their coats. They act as a sort of piglets… However, when it comes the part of the cleaning job, it doesn’t thrill us at all. As a dog owner, you’ve probably asked yourself how often you actually need to clean your French bulldog. Since they belong to dogs with a sensitive skin that is more prone to allergies, it certainly presents one of the most important parts when owning a dog.

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What factors affect the frequency of cleaning your Frenchie?

First of all, there is no prescribed rule for all dogs because it much depends on their lifestyles. It means that in case you own an active type of Frenchie that likes to jump, roll, sniff and get dirty while eating, you’ll need to do it on a daily basis. On the other hand, it also depends on your dog’s sebaceous glands. They serve to provide their skin with over needed moist and oils. However, if your pooch’s glands produce body oils in an excessive amount so that his body becomes smelly, it’s advisable to clean it more often.

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When is bathing and cleaning well for your French bulldog?

Everyone deserves to get the appropriate hygiene, even your dog. Cleaning your furry friend’s fur is highly advisable since in that way you remove all the potential environmental allergens. It’s well known that they present one of the main culprits for Frenchie’s allergy. Therefore, the regular grooming and cleaning a dog’s coat with baby wet wipes and wet towel can much prevent him from inflamed and itchy skin.

When we talk about French bulldog bathing, it’s certainly not recommended to do it often. Vets usually recommend bathing once or twice a month (it again depends on your dog). It’s true that today’s shampoos are specially made for delicate skin however, by bathing your four-legged friend frequently, you are making his coat dull and dry. Unfortunately, in some cases, it may even lead to excessive hair fall and dry scalp. 

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The bottom line says that a French bulldog’s coat needs to be washed as needed. So, if your furry friend often makes a mess that can’t be cleaned so easy, and he spends a lot of time outside, here it comes the water!

What body parts require special cleaning?

Luckily, frenchies have a short one-layered coat that doesn’t shed much. However, their other body parts need to be regularly cleaned as well. Frenchie’s unique appearance makes him have uniquely-tailored cleaning. It includes regular folds, tail pocket, eyes, and teeth care.

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Depending on your dog’s coat quality you need to decide the frequency of brushing. It’s advisable to brush a Frenchie only once a week by using a soft brush or a brush glove. The glove is especially suitable for reaching all body bends.


Folds present perfectly dark, moist and warm environment for bacteria. That’s why it’s highly advisable to clean them with baby wet wipes and to put cornstarch or baby powder inside each one. In that way, you’ll help your Frenchie to have perfectly dry folds that will prevent him from infections.

french bulldog eyes


We all love French bulldogs’ huge eyes. They simply melt our hearts from the first sight. However, many owners are not conscious that they’re prone to pick up dirt because of their short muzzles. When Frenchies sniff, they collect allergens that make their eyes to become itchy and red. In order to keep them free from any eye issue, it’s advisable to put a tear stain remover on gauze and to gently cross around your batpig’s eyes. You can do it once a week or as needed.

sitting black bulldog


For removing mud and another kind of dirt, it’s good to follow the same rule as for their coat cleaning. In case your little gremlin has a cracked or dry paw skin, vets recommend using a paw balm that is rich in almond, castor, coconut oil, and propolis. 


Because of their deep tail pocket, Frenchies is more susceptible to collect dirt that leads to an infection. Therefore, it’s advisable to clean it every time after your pooch had a potty.

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Luckily, dogs’ teeth are less prone to develop a cavity however, they also need to get regular cleaning in order to keep the gums healthy. It’s true that no dog will like someone to brush his teeth however, it can become accepted with the appropriate training. As another solution, you can use different dental sticks and snacks but the brushing does the work best. It’s also important to mention that it's not advisable to use human toothpaste. There’s toothpaste specially tailored for dogs. The brushing is recommended 2 or 3 times a week.

Frenchie N Pug

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