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How to pick the right French bulldog food?

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French bulldogs are unique in many ways, unlike many other dog breeds. Despite they are famous for their bat-shaped ears, short bodies and wrinkled faces, they also require special care and nutrition. For French bulldog owners, choosing the right diet probably presents the biggest dilemma. Since there are many types of dog food, for which dog food types you’ve heard so far?

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Is that dry kibble, canned, BARF, home cooked or semi-moist dog food? Let’s clear out something. There are huge differences between these types of food. When we talk about French bulldog food, it’s good to mention that they have sensitive digestive systems. Food rich in preservatives, artificial colors, and by-products is not recommended at all, since it may cause not only flatulence but also allergy in your Frenchie.

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What is a dry kibble dog food?

Dry kibble dog food is the most famous food among dog owners because it’s economical and usually cheaper than canned or wet dog food. While some dog owners swear to the quality of dry kibble food, the others bypass it in a broad circle. It’s usually not a great pick for French bulldogs since it’s difficult to digest, however, it’s only up to your dog’s needs after all.

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Canned food for your French bulldog

This type of food can be found in pet shops and supermarkets and it’s usually high in price. To put a hand on heart, most Frenchies love it, but not every dog food brand provides high-quality ingredients and meat proteins. So, before you pick the first canned dog food from a shelf, it’s advisable to read the list of ingredients included.

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Semi-moist food for Frenchies

For French bulldogs, this type of food will definitely leave no beneficial effect on their bodies. Semi-moist food is the worst option any dog owner can make. It includes meaty burgers, chops, and other unhealthy food that is rich in artificial colors and flavors. Dog food experts highly recommend avoiding this type of food because it may be the biggest culprit for your Frenchie’s itchy and inflamed skin.

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Home cooked and BARF food for French bulldogs

Here we come to the healthiest food option for your Frenchie. By choosing home cooked or BARF diet (Biologically appropriate raw food) for your pooch, you’ll know what exactly he eats and in what amounts. According to the opinions of hundreds of dog nutritionists and vets, these two types of diets leave the best effects on French bulldog’s sensitive skin and stomachs. Therefore, we want to help all Frenchie owners on how to tailor their dog’s diet.

home cooked dog food

Why choose a home cooked and BARF food?

No one knows your dog’s needs best then you. If you and your lovely furry friend have already tried different types of dog food and have figured out that home cooked food is the right one, here are some of the benefits your dog will experience:

  • Since you have the opportunity to tailor your Frenchie’s menu, you will be sure that he took enough vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
  • Homemade food is usually cheaper than dry kibble and canned dog food.
  • Your Frenchie will eat healthy food free of preservatives, and other artificial ingredients.
  • You’ll notice that your batpig becomes more active, playful and full of energy.
  • The dog’s coat and skin will become shiny and free of allergies
  • Your French bulldog will reduce stomach gasses
  • His skin will also become free of bad odor that produces dry kibble and canned dog food.
  • Decreased going to the vet because of proving well-balanced nutrition to your Frenchie.
  • It strengthens the dog’s immune system
  • Your Frenchie will have healthier teeth.

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What is the BARF diet (Biologically approved raw diet)?

BARF diet or a raw diet presents the perfect balance of raw meat, uncooked bones, raw meat organs, veggies, and fruits. The best food for French bulldogs is the one that dogs used to eat thousands of years ago in history. Of course, it’s raw food - the food is eaten by their wild ancestors (wolfs). If you’re a new dog owner, it’s good to mention that dogs require a meat-based diet and very little carbohydrates.

Since dogs, in general, have short intestinal tracts and strong stomach acid, raw food is for them easy to digest and consume. They have different digestive systems than humans. For preparing your Frenchie’s BARF food meal it’s safe to use chicken breasts (without skin), fish with heads, pork, beef, deer, rabbit, and duck (without skin).

fresh food

In order to keep meat always safe for use, it’s recommended to wash it well, to cut it into pieces and to keep it in a freezer. Buying meat in trusted butchers and supermarkets is also very important. Our tip to always have a ready-to-eat raw meal for your little gremlin is to freeze previously prepared portions and defrost them daily.

What else to include?

Bones should also be included in your French bulldog’s diet. While meat is rich in minerals, bones are rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus is great for keeping your dog’s bones and teeth healthy and works great with vitamin B for improving muscle contraction.

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Calcium is another ingredient that your furry pet needs to consume. You can choose between calcium supplements and natural sources of calcium for your Frenchie. French bulldog puppies require a higher amount of calcium for their bone developing, while for adults the ratio of phosphorus and calcium should be 1:1. Eggs shells are completely safe to include into your Frenchie’s diet while using the whole egg can cause them itchy skin (in some cases).

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Should you use fruits and vegetables as well?

The answer is, yes. Fruits and veggies are rich in fiber that improves your dog’s digestion. They are also high in vitamins and other ingredients that help your dog’s coat to look shiny. However, it’s also advisable not to exceed 10-30 % in your Frenchie’s meal daily. Both veggies and fruits should be carefully consumed because of their amount of sugar and carbohydrates.

Different kinds of fresh fruits also present a great pick for your dog’s snack. Instead of using artificial dog snacks, you can reward your lovely batpig with fruit snacks every 3rd day.

bulldog with watermelon

What is a home-cooked dog diet?

Home-cooked dog diet presents also a great choice for French bulldogs and includes the time you’ll spend for preparation. The main reason why do dog owners choose this type of food is because in that way they make sure the meat is completely safe for eating. It’s well-known that most of the meat bacteria die at a high temperature of cooking. Another reason is that some kind of ingredients must be served boiled- such as rice for example. Unlike the BARF diet, home cooked food loses certain amounts of vitamins while cooking. This type of dog diet is completely the same as the BARF, with one crucial difference- it’s cooking.

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What is the recommended amount of ingredients?

First of all, it’s useful to mention that the amount of meat you feed your French bulldog much depends on its activity and age. Younger dogs require at least 10% of food in comparison to their body weight, while adults need only 3-5%.  In case you own a puppy or a pregnant Frenchie, the recommended meat ratio is 50%-60%. Both puppies and pregnant dames should be fed multiple times a day. While puppies’ bellies are small, the dames’ bellies don’t have enough space to accept the food at once. For adult and older pooches, it should be approximately 25-40%. The older dog is, the fewer amount of meat should eat.

To clear out, dog food experts recommend the following rule:

  • Puppies and pregnant Frenchies

50-60 % of meat+ 20% of bones+ 10% of meat organs, and 10% of veggies and fruits

  • Adult and older French bulldogs

25-40 % of meat (it depends on your dog’s energy level) + 15% of bones + 10% of meat organs + 35% of veggies.

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We all know that dog owners want to provide only the best for their dogs and food presents the pillar of their health. Therefore, we advise to listen to your dog’s needs and to always ask your vet or a dog food expert for advice. Not every Frenchie requires the same type of diet. While there are those who swear to canned or dry kibble dog food, others decide for the BARF and home-cooked diet. So, in the end, no one knows and understands your French bulldog’s needs than you. Once you discover what fits him most, you can be sure he’ll live a healthy and long life.

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