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How to prevent a French bulldog from farting?

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French bulldog breed is a complete winner among all other dog breeds when we talk about releasing evil-smelling gasses. We guess it’s funny to hear and ‘feel’ your Frenchie’s fart but have you ever wondered why they do that so often?

It’s certainly not something that will thrill your guests neither you, especially when having dinner. Your batpigs smelly explosions are something that we can’t forget for days.  To put a joke aside, farting in French bulldog breed is annoying not only for you but also for your little gremlin. However, it’s not always for becoming concerned. It’s simply the part of their nature.

french bulldog

How to know if a Frenchie suffers from gasses?

One of the main symptoms presents the farts, of course. However, besides this one, your pooch can experience certain pains in his belly too. Since your pet can’t tell you what bothers him, you need to observe the other symptoms. If farts are followed with strange sounding coming from his stomach, then you can be sure the food he eats doesn’t suit his digestive system.

Have you ever paid attention to how your dog’s stomach looks like in the morning? Is it usually smaller than how it looks like in the evening? If the answer is yes, then his metabolism needs to get some ‘improvements’. Swollen and heavy -on -touch dog’s stomach and his glumness can also be added to the list of symptoms.

farting french bulldog

Why is a French bulldog body structure one of the potential culprits?

It’s a fact that this gorgeous dog breed possesses many unique features. Their flat skulls are only one of the culprits for experiencing certain difficulties while eating. Since they can’t dive their muzzles deep into the bowl due to their smushed faces, they literally ‘eat the air’ all together with the food. We all know it might be difficult to stop those greedy eaters from fast eating, so buying him a slow-feeding bowl can be one of the solutions.

black french bulldog in a basket

How does food affect French bulldog’s farting issues?

Stomach flatulence and gasses don’t present anything unusual. People often suffer from those annoying conditions too. However, when we talk about dogs, it’s important to avoid dairy products and food rich in grains and carbohydrates. They not only cause problems in dogs but also in humans. In other words, don’t feed your pooch with something that will cause gasses your belly too.

tongue out french bulldog

Here is the list of food that’s advisable to avoid when feeding a Frenchie:

- Highly-fermentable foods such as beans, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, cauliflower;

- Corn, wheat, soy;

-Commercial food rich in sugar, and human food (leftovers)

-Food rich in by-products

Another potential flatulence trigger may be the FLAVORS in your dog’s food. It means that such food is rich in artificial preservatives and that doesn’t contain ‘real meat’. That’s why choosing the appropriate food for your French bulldog  is highly advisable, and will certainly reduce his farts.

resting black french dog

How to prevent your French bulldog from farting?

  • Providing your lovely batpig with regular training and exercise can much reduce the stomach flatulence. Two or three 15 min walks are enough to prevent a French bulldog from obesity and many other health issues.
  • Add the ingredients rich in fiber. Fiber is good for a dog’s digestive system and helps in faster relieving the stool. Fiber can be found in different fruits and vegetables that can be used in your French bulldog’s diet.
  • Ask your vet to recommend you different There are even dog cookies that can help in reducing your French bulldog’s farts.

 Frenchie N Pug

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