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Top 6 tips for training a French bulldog

Frenchie N Pug

Widely famous as the best companion dogs in the world, the French bulldog breed takes the high 4th place in homes all over the world according to the AKC. These lovely and outstanding dogs are great in many ways, but what do you need to know about their trainability? It’s important to mention that French bulldog training demands are quite different from other dog breeds.

Training a French bulldog is of high importance since they are prone to obesity. Every Frenchie needs to stay in good shape in order to avoid certain health issues.

black puppy in grass

What to expect when training a French bulldog?

1. You will need a lot of patience

Although Frenchies love their owners to death, they possess slightly stubborn natures that seem not so easy to train. You’ll surely spend a great time while training them and lose your nerves as well. There’s also one more feature that will not thrill you at all. They quickly lose interest for multiple repeats. So, the key for successful training of a French bulldog is in your consistency. Although it seems hard to achieve, perfection is attainable. In order to prevent your pooch from acting stubborn, it’s important to limit your lessons to a five-minute period. The best time for teaching a dog is when it’s fed, calm and rested. Three or four times per day would be enough for having a successful training.

brown bulldog outside

2. Choosing the right motivation

Frenchies are like kids. They always need motivation for learning tricks and commands. Therefore, it’s advisable to discover the appropriate motivation for your batpig. What ‘moves’ him? What he enjoys most? Is that food? What it could be?

3. In most cases, it’s food

Food presents one of the greatest Frenchie’s loves. However, when you’re giving your pooch snacks, it’s very important not to overfeed him, otherwise, he may gain weight quickly. Gaining weight for a Frenchie presents an issue since it’s already prone to suffer from breathing issues. Besides this rule. It’s also recommended not to reward the dog every time he performs certain commands. Otherwise, he’ll easily figure out what the reward is.

man sitting beside bulldog4. Playing

 French bulldogs like playing fetch and spending time with their owners. The experience of training should provide them with a pleasant and playful feeling, and not produce fear in them.

5. Praise and affection

Affection and verbal praise will mean a lot to a French bulldog personality. A time spent in pats, cuddles and lots of high verbal praise means a lot to those cute furry gremlins. Building a healthy relationship with your dog is of high importance, otherwise, you can’t expect him to act obediently.

 black bulldog6. The role of toys

By using different toys when training a French bulldog, you’ll provide him with a pleasant feeling of learning, and make him use his own intelligence. For example, different interactive feeding toys are great ways of teaching the dog how to work for food. They are also a great solution when you leave your Frenchie home alone. In that way, he’ll stay entertained and become pleasantly tired. A pleasantly tired dog is always less prone to chew on home items and make a mess.

puppy on a weighing scale 

What to avoid when training a French bulldog?

  • Punishing and yellingis not recommended at all since it will only make an opposite effect in training. Frenchie will simply get back at you twice. Only a dog that is treated with a lot of love and patience will show progress in learning.
  • Tailoring a unique training- Every French bulldog is unique in the way of personality. While some of them will show stubbornness, the others seem to act pretty  Like with people, dogs also have ‘colorful’ personalities. Generally speaking, Frenchies are highly intelligent and mischievous dogs. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider their personalities and to tailor special training according to their natures.

puppy holding a green ball

What does a French bulldog training need to include?

According to opinions of dog breeders and dog behavior specialists, the right time for starting to train a French bulldog puppy is from the 6th week of age. Training should include:

  • Potty training

It’s advisable to teach your Frenchie to choose a specific place in the yard (or floor pads in the first few weeks) where to potty. Crating a specific schedule of eating and going potty is also highly recommended. You can do it immediately after he wakes up, after playing and after eating as well. It’s also advisable to remove his water bowl a few hours before bedtime in order to escape ‘night going out’.

black bulldog with green ball

  • Walking on the leash

When teaching a dog to walk on a leash, it’s advisable to reward him with treats and to verbally praise him as well.

  •  Crate training

It’s important for a god to have his own safe place for spending time both when he’s home alone or having a rest. In that way, the dog will become more independent and less prone to suffer from dog separation anxiety.

brown bulldog smelling

  • Becoming your dog’s pack leader

No matter how odd this sounds because you already consider your Frenchie for your family member, it’s good to set certain boundaries from the very beginning. In other words, every dog should know what is allowed to do and what not.

  • Early socialization

The key for owning a well-behaved dog is in early socialization. It means that it’s important to represent your French bulldog with the outside world, other unknown dogs, people, smells and noises. Frenchies are generally known as very friendly dogs that act great both with other dogs, people and kids as well.

  • Learning tricks and commands

Some of the most common tricks that French bulldog owners teach their little gremlins are the commands to sit, stand up, quiet, roll, and to give a paw.

Frenchie N Pug

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