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What are the main causes of French bulldogs allergies?

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Allergies present one of the most common health issues not only in people but also in dogs. It’s a fact that every dog owner wants to provide only the best for his dog, however, sometimes the things may go unplanned. French bulldogs belong to dog breeds with a tendency to develop allergies. Therefore, it’s very important to take care of their nutrition, skin, and eyes as well.

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How to recognize an allergy in French bulldogs?

Luckily, an allergy can be recognized by monitoring your dog’s behavior and his skin. Dull, brittle and shine less hair always indicates a problem that’s happening in your dog’s body.  When a Frenchie’s having an allergy he is unable to settle down and shows itchy and inflamed skin. Literally, a dog with an allergy is capable to scratch the skin so hard and to make injuries.

Other common signs are sneezing, coughing, teary eyes, and runny nose. Swollen, inflamed, and hairless paws are usually symptoms of environmental/contact allergy. This type of condition is called pododermatitis and can be treated by regularly cleaning your Frenchie’s paws and the appropriate medication. Allergies in dogs, just like in humans can never be treated completely. It much depends on your dog’s immune system and his antibodies’ ability to defend him of allergens. That’s why is building your French bulldog’s immune system is of high importance.

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What causes French bulldog allergies?

1. Food

There are two main culprits for French bulldog allergies. The first one is the food. Like in people, food allergy can be difficult to diagnose. That’s why is advisable to gradually remove from the menu the following allergens that usually cause problems to Frenchies.

Dog food rich in corn, soy, wheat, by-products, chicken skin, eggs, and other animal fats present the potential triggers. The first signs of a food allergy include itchy skin, inflamed red spots that can become hairless and perfect spots for bacterial growth.

The ideal food for Frenchies will be the one that contains a good balance of protein. Carbohydrates are not advisable since they can only increase the dog’s blood sugar and produce allergies. We advise you to check with your vet for further advice.

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2. Environmental allergies

When we talk about the second type of allergy that may occur in French bulldogs, it can be truly bothering since you can prevent it completely. While you can affect your dog's nutrition, with an environmental allergy it goes a bit more difficult. There are allergens in the air, in your carpet and furniture, outside, so the only thing you can do is to ease your dog’s symptoms by using a different treatment.

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The most common environmental allergens present dust, pollen, mites, flea, bacteria, and mildew. Since they can be found everywhere, one of the solutions presents a regular cleaning your French bulldog’s coat and paws. Regular bathing and removing allergens with baby wet wipes or a wet towel can serve as the first aid. However, this type of allergy also requires some other treatment as well. Your vet will probably prescribe you a corticosteroid cream or spray that can’t be used for longer than 7 days. Corticosteroids weaken the skin so the long-term use is not preferable at all.

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So, how to find the perfect solution?

Giving your Frenchie an oral medication such as antihistamines is a much better choice. Antihistamine treatment doesn’t produce any side effects both in humans and dogs. Your vet should tell you what type of antihistamines to buy since there are different types as well. There are those that ease breathing issues and those that ease skin rash. If your Frenchie got a skin inflammation with a tendency to develop a bacterial infection, then he might get an antibiotic therapy too.

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It’s also advisable to strengthen your French bulldog’s skin by using different oils such as Coconut, Castor and Almond oil. You can spray and moisturize your batpig’s coat and skin 2 times a week with these 3 products.

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Feeding a Frenchie with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is highly recommended as well. There’re many supplements available on the market that will make you sure that your dog took the right dose of these two immune builders.

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