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What do you need to know about French bulldog temperament?

Frenchie N Pug

French bulldogs are not considered without reason for one of the best companion dogs in the world. Although they may act stubborn in certain situations, these lovely pooches are known as good students. However, French bulldog temperament can much depend on their environment and genetics as well. Therefore is advisable to start with the appropriate training from an early age.

french bulldog temper


French bulldog behavior characteristics

Frenchies are relatively docile and easy to train. They are capable to quickly learn tricks and are great in housebreaking. And, that’s not all. They’re also very intelligent, lovable, calm, and like cuddling a lot. They’re sort of lazy piglets. J 

Otherwise called ‘clown-dogs’, they got this nickname for their cheerful and playful nature. You’ll simply never get old if you own a Frenchie. They’ll always know how to brighten up your day with their rolling and jumping around. In other words, they act like kids. And, when they get tired, they’ll enjoy sitting in your lap and waiting for some cuddling. These dogs are the happiest when they have their favorite human around them. One of the stunning facts is that these batpigs are ready to give their lives for their owners. When they love someone, they love unconditionally...

    french bulldog

    Easily adaptable breed

    No matter if you’re single, you live in par or having roommates or children, French bulldog breed adapts to any kind of family. However, when we talk about other living demands, they can’t live in the outside condition. Due to their sensitiveness to hot and cold weather conditions, these furry friends can’t live outside. They’re suited to live inside the house/apartment. Unlike other dog breeds, this breed has only one-layered coat so it doesn’t do well in winter, while in summer they can easily overheat due to their shortened nostrils.

    Besides all the previously mentioned facts, before making a decision of buying a French bulldog, dog owners should know that they’re prone to suffer from separation anxiety disorder.

      white and brown french bulldog puppy

        So, what does it mean?

        It means that it’s not advisable to leave a Frenchie home alone for a long period of time. They will not be a good fit for someone who is outside the house most time of the day. When we talk about French bulldog temperament characteristics, it’s all about their genes.

        They were thousands of years bred to be human companions. The dog is a product of his family background as well. Therefore, if some of his cousins were suffering from separation anxiety disorder, such a dog will be more prone to suffering from separation anxiety also. Every dog has a different genetic blueprint. That means that some dog breeds can naturally have a predisposition of suffering from this disorder. A genetic blueprint predisposes every dog from having specific physical characteristics and personality traits. French bulldog breed belongs to Velcro dogs. Velcro dogs are looking for the constant company since they have been accidentally (or not) bred to be more dependent. These ‘lap or potato dogs’ are used to work alongside their owners. Due to this reason, they are more susceptible to develop a separation anxiety disorder. However, not all Velcro dogs develop signs of separation anxiety.

          french bulldog in a swing

            How to prevent a French bulldog of not becoming Velcro?

            Most dogs usually become Velcros because of our own behaviors. If you taught your dog to walk beside your leg and you used to give him treats every time he needed to follow you, he’ll definitely like the idea of staying close to you. It’s important to know that we encourage our dog’s behavior without realizing it. Some Frenchies may become clingy when getting old, especially when they start losing their sense of hearing and vision. It’s the time when they start feeling insecure.

            Besides all previously mentioned facts, every dog owner should become conscious that a dog becomes a Velcro only in case he’s not given enough mental and physical exercise. French bulldog dog breed is particularly intelligent. They are able to express a startling intuition, so you can’t easily trick them when trying to sneak out.

              french bulldog in a beach

                What are the most common factors for a dog’s suffering from a separation anxiety disorder?

                • Major changes in the family such as childbirth, the sudden death of a family member, relocation and environment change
                • Being returned to a shelter
                • Puppyhood trauma- early separation from mother, malnutrition, or some other traumatic experience (burglary, thunderstorm or fire when left alone)
                • Changes in a family routine ( going to work after a period of unemployment)
                • Long traveling distance and relocating
                • Genetic predispositions

                french bulldog walking

                    Are French bulldogs difficult to train?

                    Since French bulldogs love to spend time with their owners, they’re considered for relatively easy to train. With using positive reinforcements in teaching, these furry friends will become one of the best dog students. Besides the fact they act stubbornly from time to time, with the right mix of obedience classes and home training, you’ll get a well-behaved family member. Crate training and housebreaking are one of the first lessons every dog should learn. When we say a crate, we don’t think on the cage or some other closed space. It refers to a place where your dog will be taught to pleasantly spend time while you’re out or you’re not able to spend time with him while you’re at home as well. In other words, it can be a dog x pen, baby gate or a simple dog bed. Crate training is especially important because it can teach your dog of having his own space in the house. Create training should be carried out step by step. It means that a dog owner should gradually increase the time a dog is spending in his very own home area.

                      short coated gray french bulldog smell

                        Frenchies are also famous for their entertaining and silly nature. However, sometimes they can show mischievous tendencies, so dog owners need to learn when to draw a line and show a dog what the appropriate behavior is. Due to these reasons, rewards play the best role in French bulldog training. In order to not hurt the feeling of a Frenchie, it’s recommended to go down the line of lower resistance and to train him by using treats. Otherwise, your four-legged furry friend will become aggressive and stubborn.

                          brown french bulldog puppy

                             Are French bulldogs good in housebreaking?

                            When we talk about other French bulldog temperament characteristics, housebreaking seems to be the most difficult task when bringing a puppy home. However, it doesn’t have to present an issue since these fellows are generally considered for a clean breed. The good news is that French bulldogs are the best in potty of all bully breeds. They usually learn their housebreaking routine until the 6th month of age. Although it seems like a long period of time, it’s the maximum period some Frenchie will need. Just to mention again- they’re the best potty students of all bully breeds. Therefore, consistent training will provide you with the best results. Breed experts recommend taking a Frenchie outside right after waking up, then after playing and eating.

                              french bulldog on the floor

                                Are French bulldogs sociable?

                                Straight off- these lovely dogs are simply desperate for the human presence. You’ll never see them feeling sad while they’re spending time around people. It might sound strange, but these fellows also act great around strangers. Well, except in case they need to fight for the attention of their owners. J As they grow, their friendly nature continues, so that’s why isn’t surprising the fact they’re known as number 1 apartment dogs in the world. Whatever dog breed you own, the appropriate socialization is an important part of every dog’s training. There’s nothing worse than seeing an unwanted dog’s behavior and a desperate owner who doesn’t know what to do. That’s why French bulldogs, as well as all other dogs, require gradual socialization. Socialization consists of a few steps. Introducing a Frenchie puppy with people from an early age is more than desirable. Since dogs feel more comfortable at home they’ll feel more relaxed to meet new faces on their own ‘field’. The same rule applies when meeting unfamiliar dogs too. Once your Frenchie’s got used to spending time with people, it’s advisable to spend time in nature and other public places as well. In that way, he’ll have the opportunity to discover how the outside world works.

                                  boy holding french bulldog

                                  How do French bulldogs act with children?

                                  Generally speaking, Frenchies are known as great lovers of children. They act very protectively around kids and love to keep them entertained for hours. In other words, these round-shaped batpigs are happy to live with their playful buddies. Breed experts often recommend adopting a French bulldog puppy in case you’re planning to buy a dog for the child. If the dog is raised with children, it will become part of the family and never show a sort of aggression. Someone would say that Frenchies + kids are a match made in heaven. With children around, this dog breed will live to complement each other. However, it’s always advisable to keep them on the eye in the case when a dog is bigger than a child. Frenchies easily attach to their little playful companions, so in some cases, they may act jealous if some other dog tries to occupy their attention. Once a child steals Frenchie’s heart, you can be sure they will make an unbreakable bond.

                                    sleeping black french bulldog

                                      An adult French bulldog + child

                                      In case you already own an adult Frenchie, the appropriate socialization is the way to success. It means that you as a god owner need to involve your pooch in your and your baby’s activities. Do not let your dog start feeling rejected if you’ve got a baby. In that way, he can start acting jealous and stubborn, and that’s the last thing you want to happen. All Frenchies love to stay their humans’ center attention whatever happens. A grown-up frogdog should be step by step introduced with your child. You can do that by cuddling both the dog and child at the same time. In that way, you’ll show to the dog he’s still your loved one.  If you already taught your pooch how to act when playing with kids, then it’s time to teach your kids how to behave as well. No dog likes to be pulled to ears and head. Frenchies love to tumble and roll while playing, but kids must be taught not to hurt the dog as well. Otherwise, he may act aggressively. Whatever dog breed you own, a well-behaved and trained dog will never make any troubles.

                                        french bulldog on man's arms

                                        How does a French bulldog act with other dogs?

                                        We know that Frenchies are great dogs, but there’s something left that you need to know. These playful buddies may become very territorial if they haven’t been properly introduced to other dogs. These dogs can do very well in a pair, however; only in the case, they were introduced in their early life. In that way, they’ll learn how to tolerate each other and not cause any troubles. Your French bulldog’s tolerance will also much depend on your role in dogs introducing. Dogs who first time meet should be short leashed and allowed to sniff each other first. The next step should be gradually leaving them playing with toys and increasing the time they spend together. Another tip when dealing with French bulldog and other dogs is to determine a few praise words for good behaviors.

                                          white french bulldog
                                          Frenchie N Pug

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