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What do you need to know about the French bulldog size?

Frenchie N Pug

French bulldog breed is considered for a small to the medium-sized breed. Their size depends on their carried genes, health history, and size of their parents.

However, besides this fact, french bulldog puppy size may vary. There’s nothing strange to see differently sized puppies from the same litter. Frenchie puppies that are the smallest and the weakest are called runts. Runts usually require special care in the first few months and much depend on the care of a breeder.

bulldog age stages

What is the accepted French bulldog size standard?

First of all, there are two French bulldog size standards. However, only one is accepted by the AKC. According to the AKC, French bulldogs should not exceed 28 pounds and 28-30 cm in height.

Another standard is appropriate only in case you don’t want to show your dog. Frenchies that are smaller than the approved AKC standard are considered for mini and teacup French bulldogs.

weight chart

French bulldog male and female sizes

French bulldog male size ranges between 20-28 pounds and 28-30 cm in height, while their gentle females are smaller. Their size ranges between 18-26 pounds and 28-30 cm in height. However, the advisable female size is not relevant in the time of their pregnancy.

sleeping bulldog

French bulldog size chart

The following chart is recommended however, the size of every Frenchie depends on his activity level, genes, and calories intake.



1st week

1.2 - 2.2 lbs

One month

2 -4.2 lbs

Two months

5 - 6.9 lbs

Three months

6.2 – 9 lbs

Four months

9 – 12 lbs

Five months

12- 13 lbs

Six months

13 – 16 lbs

Nine months

16 – 18 lbs


23 – 28 lbs


french bulldog in the backyard

When you can expect your Frenchie to become a full-grown dog?

In the first eight or nine months, Frenchie puppies grow slowly. In other words, they live a quite playful life and tend to burn a lot of calories in sniffing and discovering the world. That's why Frenchie puppies need to eat high-protein food in their early age. By feeding your pooch with meat proteins you'll improve his strength and muscles. It's very important for a French bulldog to have well-shaped muscles and strong postures because they are the part of their genes.

As those furry pooches grow and decrease their amount of exercise, they no longer have a need to eat only meat-based food.  Of course, meat is important but not in a high percentage. From the 12th month of age, your French bulldog can start to grow quickly. It will happen due to his increased calory burning. In the next 6 months, he will get a final body shape, height, and weight.

french bulldog playing

French bulldogs become fully grown between 18th  and 24th month of age. However, when we talk about their weight, it’s advisable to keep them at the average range in order to escape obesity. Since these dogs have shortened nostrils, gaining weight can only cause them to suffer from breathing issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, and rapid heart rate. Therefore, providing regular training to your French bulldog is the key for a healthy living.

Frenchie N Pug

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