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What Does Your French Bulldog Need For This Winter?

It’s a fact that we all love playing in the snow, but when it comes to frenchies in cold weather, we need to provide them with appropriate clothes. Since winter is almost here, it’s desirable to get ready for all those cold and wet months. In our previous article, we wrote about the importance of keeping your frenchie warm in winter months.

So, that’s why we want to represent you with all classy and stylish things your frenchie will need to own this season. To further help, we made a list of most popular french bulldog winter essentials.

  1. The Hooded Head-Turner Jacket

Since it’s highly advisable not to take your french bulldog without any clothes in winter, wearing warm and lightweight clothes would be of great help.  This hoodie is designed to keep your french bulldog’s shoulders, back and chests warm. It comes in a vibrant yellow and navy blue color, and its unique inner cotton zipper is made to prevent jamming of your dog’s hair.

  1. Foldable Mongolian Yurt Bed for small dogs

There’s nothing better than lying in a warm and cozy bed in winter. We all know that french bulldogs are considered for the biggest sluggards among dogs. So, If you want to provide your fellow with a comfortable and relaxing place, this Foldable Mongolian Yurt may become his favorite one. It’s specially made for small-sized dogs who like to sleep in a nest-like position.

  1. Warm Winter scarf for small dogs

Your frenchie will stand out from the crowd with this stylish wither scarf! It’s made with Woolen yarn and provides maximum comfort to your dog. It’s a great addition to winter hoodies and vests that help in keeping your french bulldog’s neck and chests warm. It’s easily adjustable and chic part of your french bulldog’s winter clothes and will give your dog a complete makeover.

  1. Haute Couture Baby Vest

Having a thickly layered winter vest is more than essential for surviving the upcoming cold months. This french bulldog winter vest I made of 100% cotton and would be a great solution for keeping him warm all season. Since it's sleeveless and comes with buttons, you’ll be able to put underneath an extra hoodie.

  1. Striped Romper Munchkin Pajama

Is there anything cuter than seeing a dog in pajamas? Enjoy snow falling, watching movies and cuddling with your four-legged pal all day long! Who’s told that pajamas are intended only for nightwear? This 100% cotton made pajamas is not only great for house chilling but also dogs prone to allergies. If your frenchie shows an allergy to dust and other house dirt, wearing cozy pajamas will help in keeping his sensitive skin allergen-free. It’s machine washable and comes in two colors (pink and green).

Buying your french bulldog winter essentials will not only make him the biggest star of the neighborhood but will also keep his tiny body parts warm. We all want to provide only the best care for our dogs, and his health should be in the first place!

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