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What is the recommended French bulldog weight?

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We all know that French bulldogs belong to greedy eaters that would put everything on sale for a bowl of tasty meal. Due to this characteristic, they are prone to gaining weight. In order to keep your pooch healthy and in good shape, you need to know what is the recommended range of French bulldog weight.

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What are the normal ranges of French bulldog weight?

The ideal weight of a French bulldog, in general, is not to exceed 28 pounds. According to the standard of the AKC, Frenchies over 28 pounds will be disqualified. Female French bulldogs are usually smaller in size. Their weight goes between 18-26 pounds and height between 11-12 inches.

Unlike females, Frenchie males are bigger in size. However, it much depends on their genetics too. Males usually weigh between 20-28 pounds, ad their height goes between 11-12 inches.

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How to know if your Frenchie is considered for obese?

Besides considering the following chart as a guide, there also a number of other signs that point out to this issue. The absence of a definition is the first one.  French bulldog breed is known for its athletic body full of muscles, and powerful chest part. Its hips should also be clearly defined. So, in case you can’t notice any of these features, then you need to tailor your French bulldog’s diet in a different way.


Another sign that will confirm you if your batpig became overweighed is his constant tiredness. An obese dog quickly loses energy during normal daily activities. From the moment you hear your dog’s noisy breathing and see him panting, it’s advisable to ask your vet to prescribe him a special menu.

French bulldogs usually become overweighed when they don’t get enough training or if they’ve been fed with an inappropriate diet (such as grains and excessive fats). That’s why is always a better solution to choose fresh fruits and veggies for your furry friend’s snacks.

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Why is important for your Frenchie not to become overweighed?

Well, obesity is considered for q health issue not only in people but also in dogs. It’s definitely one of the most annoying problems of nowadays. You maybe haven’t heard for the following fact, but more than half of the dogs of all breeds are considered for obese.

If you own a Frenchie, it’s good to mention that he may experience a number of health issues due to excess weight. Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, they are naturally predisposed to inhale less air. When the French bulldog’s weight is beyond normal ranger, he may experience problems with an elongated soft palate and stenotic nares as well.

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Other problems may be high blood pressure, heart diseases, extra skin folds, and arthritis. As you can guess, extra skin folds require regular cleaning, otherwise, a dog may get different bacterial infections.

How to keep your French bulldog weight at the healthy limit?

It’s recommended not to spoil a Frenchie at any age of his life. It’s a fact that the love we share with our dogs is enormous. However, it sometimes makes us to make bad decisions and to relent to those sad puppy eyes looking. Therefore, the best advice would be to keep in mind that you’ll extend your dog’s lifespan by keeping him in good shape. It includes providing him the right nutrition and controlling the calories, and exercising as well.

Frenchie N Pug

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